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The Bath Tub Backrest “Leni” produces high bathing comfort using standard bath tubs if two people want to bath together, if children bath, or if just the lying direction should be changed.

The back portion is an injection moulded component made from recyclable polypropylene. It is designed to offer maximum comfort and owns a groove on the bottom to slide the mat in.

The mat is made from a polyurethane rubber. It owns suction cups at the bottom side and on the top a sliding resistant surface structure. The cylindrical tongue at the back facilitates the assemblability with the back portion. It is moulded as single part.


With the sucks on the bottom side of the mat the assembled Bath Tub Backrest has to be pressed against the bottom of the bath. It does not matter if there already is water in the bath or not. The back portion rests against the wall. If the tap is located on the end of the bath tub the back portion can rest against the tap. The weight of the person sitting on the mat reliably prevents slipping. To get the Backrest out of the bath it just has to be pulled out. For cleaning of the parts it can be disassembled by pulling the mat with its tongue out of the groove of the back portion. The mat can be machine washed, the back portion can be washed by hand.

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